Friday, 17 February 2012


One French mag thinks this is her, but Judging by those pics, it certainly doesn't look like her.
Why her boyfriend, would sell a sex tape to a french mag is beyond me...

story translated
The paparazzi Jean Claude Elfassi announcement on his blog Friday that it will broadcast the images of a sextape of singer Adele, tomorrow, on his blog without any censorship.Similarly, the magazine Public announcement tonight on his website that he will make his A morning with this sextape allegedly made by her ex boyfriend who decided to publish it for revenge.
Adele who triumphed at the last Grammy Awards 2012, winning a whopping six trophies, then returns to the front of the media scene with a video that she would certainly never wanted to see published on the net.
A few days ago the singer issued a Tweet saying: "I hate the paparazzi." It is certain that tomorrow it may hate them even more!

@JCElfassi omg you idiot leave her alone you twat like seriously what's the joy in doing that??

This conniving cunt @JCElfassi is gonna release a sex tape of our @OfficialAdele tomorrow, best hope I don't see him around...

@JCElfassi go fuck yourself u rumour spreading piece of douche excrement.

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