Friday, 22 July 2011

Emmett J. Scanlan

Currently Playing Brendan Brady in Hollyoaks. The screencaps are from the 2009 film 'Savage' where he played the clearly underrated 'Gym Changing Room Guy 1'.

Hes on twitter  *follows to find out thoughts on the nude scene, unfollows cause its a boring explanation about how its more than just a nude scene, he REALLY believed he was Gym changing room guy 1 cause hes a serious actor blah blah blah etc kills self*


screen caps are coming soon, I can't be arsed to press print screen and past in to paint etc.., I will take them from heatworld or daily star or holymoly, one of them will take it from me. It took me long enough to upload this video!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Helen Louise Milligan

Apprentice Semi Finalist Helen Milligan in some modelling shots.

Here is how the amazing Daily Star describe the photos.

APPRENTICE favourite Helen Milligan has gone topless in a bid to shake off her look as a hard-nosed businesswoman.
The Stockport-born beauty has had her “serious head” on for much of this series – breaking records by winning all nine tasks – as she battles to convince Lord Sugar to invest £250,000 in her business.
But, we can reveal, Helen is desperate to follow in the footsteps of more glamorous business brains –- like Nigella Lawson.
She cites the sexy chef as her role model for “creating a fantastic brand while keeping her femininity”.

And Helen, 30, who has had her hair scraped back “corporate style” during the show, has taken a leaf out of Nigella’s book.

In a series of stunning snaps on her website,, the former Greggs bakery executive has copied curvy Nigella’s hair and “feminine look”.

And in several pics her top half seems to be naked.
Fans are speculating that if Lord Sugar chooses the babe as his partner the business could be around developing Helen “the brand”.

She is on twitter and linkedin.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sylvester Stallone

Before Rambo and Rocky comes Sylvester Stallone in Italitan Stallion a very soft core porno. Originally called party at mimis(? i guessing i;m doing this all from memory ) the rebranded the  in Italitan Stallion once he got success.

to be honest I can't be arse to find real info, google it you lazy bastards!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Natalie Horler

Who? Yes I know i'm thinking the same thing, but if I said evacuate the your minds and think about it; you still would never get it. Its only that bird off of that crap electronic pop band Cascada!

Well have you ever thought to yourself I wonder what she looks like naked? Well wonder no more!

Courtesy of German Playboy or is it Playboy Germany?  We can now see her in all her glory....well topless anyway, maybe next time she will get her axe wound out, then that would be a perfect day.

thanks to nightfire and hackelberry for the HQ noodz.

Here she is clothed, when we all wondered to ourselves "I wonder what she must looks like naked".

Here she is perfoming on German TV

Here she is at what looks like the Oscars.

And here she is her off of Cascada, with no clothes on!


Pete Burns

steamy sex
I only found out about this recently. but it seems this is about 3 years old. and pete himself leaked this HIMSELF online. Although the video and account has been deleted at that side you can still see the original user account. (I don't think that last sentence actually made sense - I will clear up later on.)

steamy sexI tried looking for the elusive video thought someone may have re-uploaded it back up to xtube, they hadn't, but typing in Pete Burns in to xtube is certainly a sight for the eyes. Men shoving candles in their japs eye and waiting for the candle to burn down... not for me. But till i find the actually video and not stills I guess you will have to make do with this Pete Burns stills and lookalike. Enjoy x

UPDATED 15th July - I now have video! If you have to sign up to it let me know in the comments section or tweet me. I have a feeling it might but I can't currently upload video. :'(
here is a link if the video is still not working.

Monday, 4 July 2011