Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Shipwrecked Winner 2008 - Adam Childs

if you don't remember who adam childs is...

The below video is from his time on the short lived show, pants off, dance off.
thats if it works.

The following pics are from

Monday, 28 March 2011

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Mike Bailey aka Sid from skins...

This has just leaked online...  I say just leaked I mean i've just discovered it.
Original skins cast member Mike Bailey "allegedly..." sent these pics to a female fan, who of course knew what the best thing to do was... put it on live journal. Shortly after this, Mike deleted his twitter account. Only to bring it back it a few months later.

Someone compared the above photos to that of Mikes body when he was in skins.

UPDATED : 15TH July - Yo data lounge,you alright?.....Goooood, these aren't fakes I don't even have enough time to masturbate and sometimes breathe lord knows where i'd get the time to fake images, click the pic for a slighty pic version of the pic. 

Thursday, 24 March 2011

OMG! Giselle AKA Alison Wonderland

You remember this woman from the first episode of OMG with Peaches Geldolf. She was on talking about how to be a vampire and get involved in the alternative fashion and nightlife scene. As she her self so rightly says on her website.( Scroll down for her rates and portfolio.)

 Thanks to Katie Hind for the heads up...

Images courtesy of Escort Mag. If you would like to buy some pictures of Giselle aka Alison Wonderland. or go to Model Mayhem.

UPDATE: More Photos

Her rates : General Rates:

£15 per hour fashion/beauty/commercial
£20 per hour lingerie/swimsuit/glamour
£30 per hour topless/implied
£40 per hour art nude (no open leg)
£50 per hour full nude
£60 per hour continental/video
£60+ per hour fetish/GG (depending on assignment)

Half Day Rates

4 Hours

Fashion: £70
Lingerie/Swimsuit- £80
Topless/Implied- £100
Art Nude- £120
Full Nude- £150
Continental/Video- £200

Full day rates

6 Hours

Fashion- £90
Lingerie/Swimsuit- £100
Topless- £150
Art Nude- £180
Full Nude-£250
Solo Continental/video- £300
GG/Fetish- £350