Friday, 15 July 2011

Pete Burns

steamy sex
I only found out about this recently. but it seems this is about 3 years old. and pete himself leaked this HIMSELF online. Although the video and account has been deleted at that side you can still see the original user account. (I don't think that last sentence actually made sense - I will clear up later on.)

steamy sexI tried looking for the elusive video thought someone may have re-uploaded it back up to xtube, they hadn't, but typing in Pete Burns in to xtube is certainly a sight for the eyes. Men shoving candles in their japs eye and waiting for the candle to burn down... not for me. But till i find the actually video and not stills I guess you will have to make do with this Pete Burns stills and lookalike. Enjoy x

UPDATED 15th July - I now have video! If you have to sign up to it let me know in the comments section or tweet me. I have a feeling it might but I can't currently upload video. :'(
here is a link if the video is still not working.

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