Saturday, 12 February 2011

Stephen Goddard - Take Me Out

Here is the story if you don't know who this guy is.

What The Sun fails to say is that these pics were taken in 2005.

This is his twitter profile but he hasn't updated in over a year.

From his English Lads bio:


Steve is a young blond lad from Nottingham who has wanted do an erotic shoot in front of the camera since he was 18 and now at 21 has fulfilled his dream! Wanking in his favourite England kit was almost too much pleasure! He has an nicely shaped body, with real thick blond hair on his legs� which looks great in those shorts! He likes to tease a bit and keeps his shorts on but is just as happy with his legs in the air and a dildo in his ass! A great set of photos from a first timer.

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